Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honour and the Sword - A. L. Berridge

This has been a cracking read.

Following my disappointment with the Kuzneski book, I was looking forward to something as entertaining and riveting as other previous reads, which I have still to blog about :-(

This is Lousie Berridge's first novel but it's a humdinger of a read. In the book, set in the 30 years war that ravaged Europe in the 17th Century, a young French landowner (I suppose we'd call him a squire) becomes orphaned at a young age and we follow him through his growth to manhood. He is rewarded for his tenacity by the love and admiration of his people (his peasants I suppose).

I also like the fact that she's English, has obviously been to France and spells words like honour with a 'u', and not a 'gotten' to be found.

It looks, from the Berridge web site, that this is only the first of a yet to be written and published series following the young squire though this dangerous period of European history.

I'm looking forward to the next.

Wordle from next book (with the publisher)

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Louise B said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed 'Honour and the Sword' - and thank you very much for taking the trouble to say so.

I loved writing it, but what matters most is that other people should like reading it. You've given me enormous pleasure - and you can call me 'Lousie' whenever you like!!

The second book, 'Blood and Steel', now has a publication date and comes out with Penguin at the start of August. I do hope you enjoy that too.

Thanks again and happy reading,

Louise Berridge