Saturday, May 12, 2007

City of Bones - Michael Connelly

Well – a hat trick of Connelly’s! But by far the best. It’s probably that I like the Hieronymus Bosch books better than the rest. My dad had bought this for £1.00 somewhere and thought that I should read it before he did (because he had a lot of library books to wade though).

So I started last week and I’ve finished it now.

This must be the book that comes before the Narrows because at the end Harry resigns. Basically, they find some bones on a hillside which turn out to be those of a 12 year old boy who died about 20 years before. It’s quite a winding tale but ‘whodunnit?’ didn’t turn out to be who I thought – although she was involved!

The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly

Well, I just had to prove to myself that Michael Connelly books were not all crap. So – because I had it anyway, I read The Lincoln Lawyer in April.

It had a much better plot that ‘Chasing the Dime’ and rattled on at a pace but there was something about it that didn’t quite settle me.

Nevertheless, this is one that I’ll probably come back to, to see if I can get some more out of it. Basically it’s the story of a guy who, instead of having an office – employs an ex-wife to take phone calls and do filing – whilst he works out of the back of his Lincoln. He’s hired to defend some rich guy who is seriously weird! Can’t remember much else (I have that skill with books like this – read ‘em and forget ‘em – which is why I should keep up to this blog!